Published on 16 October 2018

A boost for business

A grants program is helping entrepreneurs nurture their passion-projects to achieve next level success.

A telecommunication specialist and a graphic designer have received a financial boost thanks to the City of Onkaparinga’s ON Business Partner Program Small Grant initiative.

The council provides grants totalling $90,000 a year to support local businesses, awarded over three rounds.

Businesses that are part of the ON Business Partner Program may apply for grants of up to $3000 in the Start-up, Innovation, or Marketing and Communications categories. Foyle + Oak and RFShop were among 10 grant winners in round 2, announced in August.

Jacqueline Hall (pictured) of Aberfoyle Park launched Foyle + Oak this year as an extension of her lifelong passion for all things artistic. “I am a qualified art teacher and have always dabbled in art in some form or another,” says Jacqueline, who also works full time in occupational health, and will put her $2875 ‘start-up’ grant toward marketing, a new printer and professional development. “I love learning new skills and what I can achieve when I have the right tools will be amazing,” she says.

RFShop (pictured) received a $3000 grant in the Innovation category. RF is an acronym for radio frequency, which relates to wifi, mobile internet, mobile phones and UHF bluetooth.

Through an online store the business sells RF equipment such as cables and antennas tailored to customers’ needs. It also supports companies using wifi-related software and has major telecommunications and defence companies as clients.

With increasing sales RFShop will use its grant to implement a barcode system for stock.

Based in Lonsdale, Senior RF Engineer David de Haaij says it is a perfect place for doing business. “As a local resident our families are able to live a dream life, with beaches, community services such as schools and hospitals, all major shops and services, beautiful hills and a wine region right on our doorstep,” David says. “It’s a work-life balance like no other.”

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