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Published on 02 December 2020

Being bushfire ready

Fire Danger Season began on Tuesday and residents are being urged to be prepared, following last year’s devastating bushfire season.

“Please, think ahead and plan before it’s too late,” said City of Onkaparinga Mayor Erin Thompson during a visit to the Morphett Vale Country Fire Service (CFS) station last week.

“Preparing for bushfires is essential to make sure the people who mean the most to you are safe.

“We all have a responsibility to protect our homes, our community and our environment.

“Last summer’s bushfires across Australia were devastating. We need to act now to prepare our land before the fire danger season and right through summer.

“The CFS website has lots of helpful information and tips, including the things you need to consider for your bushfire survival plan.

“It’s also your go-to place for up-to-date information on warnings and incidents.”

Key actions to prepare and maintain your property include:

  • Mowing or slashing all grass, weed plants and undergrowth on vacant land to no more than 10cm high
  • Cutting grass and reducing vegetation within 20 metres of your home and within five metres of any other structure
  • Large rural blocks need to cut a five-metre fuel break as near as practicable to the boundary
  • Removing dead trees, branches and leaves from your property
  • Removing vegetation, wood piles, cardboard boxes any flammable materials from around any structure
  • Cutting back overhanging trees and removing leaves and debris from gutters
  • Pruning low tree branches from ground level up to two metres in height

Mayor Erin Thompson visited the Morphett Vale CFS station last week to film a Facebook video urging Onkaparinga residents to be prepared.

She also paid tribute to the CFS, a volunteer-based organisation that provides a range of vital fire and emergency services to communities across South Australia.

“Last year, the CFS responded to over 20,000 incidents including fires, road crashes, animal rescues, storm damage, flooding and chemical spills,” she said.

“I’d like to acknowledge the heroic, selfless and life-saving efforts of CFS volunteers and those in emergency services.

“These extraordinary men and women work tirelessly to protect us, our property, animals, the environment and infrastructure.”

City of Onkaparinga is preparing for Fire Danger Season by providing advice to residents through its community development programs; inspecting all vacant land in the council area for fire hazards; and ensuring council-owned reserves and high-bushfire risk areas are mowed on a six-weekly schedule.

Council also recently completed a new City of Onkaparinga Bushfire Management Plan, which documents bushfire risk, captures current and future risk treatment strategies, identifies custodians responsible for managing risks and reducing vulnerability to bushfire, supports and informs fuel reduction activities, and informs stakeholders of potential bushfire risks.

It can be viewed at the City of Onkaparinga website.