Published on 28 April 2021

Brewing business nous

The barista hospitality course is heating up young people’s potential to gain part-time employment.

The barista hospitality course held at Studio 20 Youth Centre in Aldinga is helping people aged 15–25 to develop social skills, gain workplace experience and better understand business management.

The program covers two separate curriculums running over five sessions each. The first five sessions teach participants about barista-quality coffee, hospitality service, food and function service. Then, the group learns barista business, café operations, marketing, administration and cash handling.

The course is ideally suited to young people looking to gain part-time employment in local hospitality and tourism businesses. The barista hospitality course is not just about making coffee, but also chais, hot chocolates and other drinks. Young people from all walks of life join the program to learn business skills in a supportive environment.

When Gabriel Bolger, 16, joined the course last year he was looking to improve his social skills and learn more about the coffee industry.

“The most enjoyable aspects of the course were learning how to brew professional-grade coffee— which is my favourite beverage—and interacting with other people involved in the program,” Gabriel says.

Gabriel says the course helped him realise the effort that goes into running a business and gave him a greater appreciation for the people working in the catering industry.

“I recommend this course to anyone wanting to broaden his or her skills, understand how a business functions, and make some new friends,” he says.

Member of this year’s term 1 group, Tiarna Lippiatt, 16, joined the course to gain experience and skills that will support her efforts in seeking part-time employment at a café.

“The course helped me step out of my comfort zone and meet people with similar interests,” Tiarna says. “I have more confidence in job hunting and I’ve learnt a lot about how to make excellent coffee.”

The barista hospitality course is offered one evening a week during the school term at a cost of $20 per group of five sessions. No previous experience is required.

Places are limited and the course books out quickly. To reserve your spot or join the waiting list visit

The barista hospitality course is heating up young people’s potential to gain part-time employment.