Map of projects

Published on 12 October 2021

Council is delivering more with less

From Coromandel Valley to Sellicks Beach, council is delivering projects across the city.

Council is committed to returning to a financially sustainable position and eliminating its operating deficit within four years while continuing to deliver the important projects that residents want and need.

“The budget for 2021–22 is $205 million and council has worked hard to keep this year’s rate increase to CPI (1.2 per cent), plus revenue from new properties (growth),” says Mayor Erin Thompson.

“While council is returning to a financially sustainable position, there are still heaps of projects happening across the city, with a focus on delivering the essentials such as upgrades to roads, playgrounds, footpaths, infrastructure and sporting facilities.

“Although we can’t include absolutely everything, this map (above) shows a sample of the spread of projects being undertaken. 

“From north to south, east to west, you’ll see orange cones in every corner of our city in the year ahead.

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