Registered Nurse Mei, pictured with Isla and her mum Georgia and grandmother Judy.

Published on 17 April 2024

Creating a healthier community, one vaccine at a time

In an era when public health is more vital than ever, the City of Onkaparinga's immunisation service stands out as a prime example of how proactive health initiatives can positively impact the local community.

Forming part of the council’s commitment to resident wellbeing, and in alignment with the National Immunisation Program, this service is an invaluable resource that helps safeguard the community against preventable disease.

Catering to a wide demographic—with a particular focus on children—it operates across three clinics in Noarlunga, Woodcroft and Aldinga Beach.

The clinics offer a calm and inviting space—particularly important for children—with many located near libraries and other community hubs to provide a comfortable place to relax post-vaccination. By strategically placing the clinics in community-friendly locations it breaks down the barriers often associated with traditional medical settings and helps create a smooth, stress-free experience for all. Plus, small rewards like lollipops, chocolate frogs and stickers make the experience even more enjoyable for children!

A key strength of the service is its flexible approach, which is especially evident in its school-based vaccination program.

This initiative brings vaccinations directly to high schools, serving not just the City of Onkaparinga but also extending to schools in nearby council areas including Alexandrina, Marion, Victor Harbor and Yankalilla.

In addition, the immunisation team administers annual flu vaccinations at their clinics and visits private worksites when necessary to ensure staff are up to date with all recommended vaccines.

Tailored ‘catch-up’ schedules can also be created for individuals who may have missed vaccinations, or for those who are new arrivals to the country.

All National Immunisation Program-approved vaccines are free for Medicare card holders.

Accessing the service is easy and convenient too, with residents able to schedule their appointments.

The clinics boast a team of highly experienced and knowledgeable nurses who bring empathy, expertise and a personal touch to their roles, and are adept at managing various ages and anxiety levels.

Among them is Mei, a nurse whose tenure spans over 38 years.

Having not only witnessed, but also contributed to the evolution of the immunisation service over time, Mei's dedication to community health has seen her become a beloved figure, often recognised for her unique blend of humour and care.

Her cheerful approach and knack for easing anxieties in people of all ages has earned her a following, with many residents specifically seeking her out for their vaccinations time and time again.

"I've seen generations grow in front of my eyes," Mei shares.

"The service we provide is more than just about immunisation; it's about building trust, easing fears and ensuring our community's health is protected – all while offering a friendly smile as we do it. I'm so proud to be part of a team that has such a positive impact on so many lives."

Onkaparinga local Judy and her family exemplify the multi-generational trust placed in the City of Onkaparinga’s immunisation service.

Judy was vaccinated by Mei at their local clinic, while her two daughters have all been vaccinated by Mei too.

Praising the service, Judy says, "Mei’s expertise and vast knowledge, combined with the care and patience she shows, are why our family has always seen her. She’s great with kids and her fun side puts the kids – and parents – at ease.

 "The immunisation service and all of the registered nurses provide a calm, informed and relaxed environment for everyone who walks in. Having seen the service as a parent and a grandparent, I appreciate how fortunate we are to have this service in our council area."

The online booking system, easy parking and minimal wait times also add to the positive experience.

“We prefer using council’s immunisation service because of the flexibility of clinic times. Their location close to the libraries is a bonus for the kids afterwards too,” Judy added.

Looking to the future, Mei expresses optimism, "Childhood immunisation rates have never been higher, with over 95 per cent of five-year-olds fully immunised. I hope to see our community continue to embrace vaccinations, knowing they are supported by a service that truly cares.”

As she contemplates retirement, her legacy is a service characterised by warmth, professionalism and a deep-seated commitment to public health.

"We have so many excellent nurses on our team – many that have been with the service 10 years or more – so I am certain every clinic will continue to deliver the high-quality experience that people have become accustomed to. The immunisation service is certainly in good hands.”



Providing easily accessible immunisation clinics for all City of Onkaparinga residents, and on behalf of Alexandrina, Marion, Victor Harbor and Yankalilla councils, you can find information about locations, bookings and planning your visit on the council's website.

And for further information, please contact the Immunisation team on (08) 8384 0666 or


Registered Nurse Mei, with Isla and her mum Georgia and grandmother Judy.