A close-up photo of fruit and vegetables in a pile including broccoli and an orange.

Published on 07 August 2023

Putting food on the table

Do you have enough to eat? What impacts are the rising cost of food having on you? What challenges do you face in accessing food?

These are some of the key questions in a new and important survey aimed at tackling food insecurity in southern Adelaide.

Food is a fundamental human right, but this is becoming increasingly challenging for some households.

The new survey—a joint initiative from the Cities of Onkaparinga and Marion, with data support from the University of Adelaide—aims to understand food security in the region.

All residents aged 18 and over are urged to complete the anonymous survey on the council’s Your Say Onkaparinga page, which will help inform the councils’ role in tackling this issue.

You don’t need to be experiencing food insecurity to take part—responses are sought from all eligible residents to help the councils understand the bigger picture, and work together to ensure everyone has access to healthy and affordable food options.

The survey is open until Sunday 27 August and it only takes a few minutes.

Last year’s Foodbank Hunger Report found that in the previous 12 months, more than 130,000 households in South Australia went hungry, sometimes skipping meals or going whole days without eating.

Getting support

If you need support now, the City of Onkaparinga website has a page to help connect you with a range of initiatives in the region that support and promote accessible, affordable and nutritious food.

This includes information about emergency food assistance options and where to find free and low-cost meals.

The website also includes information on other food and garden initiatives promoting health and wellbeing in the City of Onkaparinga.