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Published on 18 October 2022

Vote for a vibrant future

Cast your vote in the Council election and actively shape the future of the City of Onkaparinga. 

It’s Council election time, and you’re encouraged to have your say about which candidates you believe are best representative of your community and will make the most beneficial decisions for the City of Onkaparinga over the next four years.

Although voting in Council elections is optional, your participation is one of the most direct ways you can make a difference to the liveability of your community.  

Your vote will influence who serves as the mayor of the City of Onkaparinga and represents you in your ward. Two elected members represent each of the six wards in the City of Onkaparinga.

Elected representatives are empowered to make Council decisions on behalf of the community and, in doing so, contribute to effective local government.

All voting in Council elections is done by post. Your ballot pack will arrive at the postal address you have listed with the state electoral roll or council supplementary roll between Friday 14 October and Thursday 20 October. In the pack you’ll find a ballot paper for each election being contested in the council area for which you are entitled to vote, a candidate profile brochure, a postal voting guide, and a reply-paid envelope, helping to make voting easy and efficient.

People who have properties or entitlements for an election in another council may receive more than one ballot pack. 

To make a formal vote, number at least as many boxes as there are vacancies, in the order of your choice. Then, place your folded ballot papers in the envelope provided, fill out and sign the relevant declaration, seal it in the reply-paid envelope, and mail it so that it reaches the returning officer before 5pm on Thursday 10 November. If you don’t get to a post box on time, that’s okay. Call in to the City of Onkaparinga office at Ramsay Place, Noarlunga Centre, before the close of voting and place your envelope in the ballot box. The votes will be scrutinised and counted on Saturday 12 November.

This is the first year Chandlers Hill resident Brad Nicholson will choose to vote in the Council election.

“Although I’ve always been interested in local government issues, previous election campaigns slipped under the radar for me,” Brad says.

“This year’s election has been widely publicised, with posters and banners around the place which has prompted me to become engaged in the process and the issues that affect me and my young family.”

As the father of two young children, community safety is an important topic for Brad. He is also interested in environmental improvement initiatives such as water reuse programs, revegetation and weed management projects, and water rehabilitation.

“The City of Onkaparinga is blessed with some of Adelaide’s most beautiful natural environments, ecosystems and open spaces. The preservation, restoration and accessibility of these environments is important to me.

“I would like my elected members to be strong advocates for issues surrounding the environment, our open spaces, and the safety of our community. Honesty and integrity are also important attributes I will be considering,” Brad says.


To learn more about your ward, visit

Council’s Customer Relations team is available to direct any questions about the Council election. Phone 8384 0666.