A colourful logo promoting the new Library of Things featuring common one-off products people like to borrow including a tent and binoculars.

Published on 10 January 2024

Welcome to the Library of Things

The City of Onkaparinga’s first Library of Things will be launched at Woodcroft Library on Thursday 8 February.

What is a Library of Things? Consider all those pesky products you might need for one-off jobs but that you’ll rarely use afterwards—think baking and party items, outdoor and camping gear, or energy monitoring equipment. Perhaps you even need a chocolate fountain or pond dipping net?

The Library of Things will allow those aged 18+ to—using a  Libraries SA library card—borrow up to four of these “things” for free for up to two-weeks, rather than spending your hard-earned cash (only for the items to be tucked away in your cupboard for years afterwards). You could even borrow items to try them before seeing whether to purchase them elsewhere.

The aim of the Library of Things is to encourage sustainable living and promote a circular economy by promoting reuse and reducing waste.

The huge range of items on offer was selected following a survey by the team at nearby Aberfoyle Repair Café, who had already asked the community for feedback on what items they’d like to borrow at a new new Tool Library initiative nearby.

The Onkaparinga team used the survey results to create its shopping list of ‘things’, excluding power tools so as not to double-up on what’s offered locally.

Items in the Library of Things will be browsable via the library catalogue, though you won’t be able to reserve items, ensuring as many people as possible can enjoy the collection.

Residents are encouraged to come in and have a browse during Woodcroft Library opening hours where you can borrow and return the items (though not through the after-hours return chute).

Suggestions for new items are welcome and the council will reach out to the community in a year’s time during the evaluation process to see what else would be useful in the collection.

Donations (electrical items won’t be accepted) will be considered on a case-by-case basis, so please chat to a Woodcroft Library staff member.

Woodcroft Library was selected as the ideal location because it’s within Woodcroft Community Centre, which doubles as the council’s northern green hub demonstration site.

The green hub showcases the type of building upgrades and systems that residents and businesses can put in place to reduce energy and water consumption, waste to landfill and greenhouse gas emissions.

The Library of Things initiative was approved by Council in July 2023 as an additional action in the City of Onkaparinga’s Climate Change Response Plan 2022–2027 as part of the council’s climate emergency response.

The Library of Things follows the recent launch of a seed library at Woodcroft Library and the Willunga Environment Centre.