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Published on 29 April 2024

Quit Your Way in May

This Wednesday 1 May marks the start of an annual, month-long event that encourages South Australian smokers to quit their own way.

If you’re a smoker looking to quit or a vaper considering giving up e-cigarettes, the Quit Your Way in May campaign offers helpful tips and resources to support your journey toward a smoke-free lifestyle.

You can commit to doing the entire month, or set yourself a shorter goal or another starting date in May – there are so many ways to be smoke free!

Register for free and set your goal at the Quit Your Way in May website alongside other South Australians that are doing the same.

You can elect to receive emails to help you prepare to quit smoking and to provide you with support throughout your quit smoking attempt. 

The website also contains a range of handy resources and tools for quitting smoking, including how to make a quitting plan, distracting yourself, quitting tips, a smoking costs calculator, success stories and information on what happens to your body when you quit smoking.

Who knows – you may even choose to remain a non-smoker at the of the month?

Quit Your Way in May is an initiative of the Government of South Australia, Quitline and the Heart Foundation.