Onkaparinga Now’s new chapter Onkaparinga Now’s new chapter
15 March 2021

Onkaparinga Now’s new chapter

Onkaparinga Now is set for a makeover in 2021.

City of Onkaparinga’s quarterly magazine will soon replace the single-page flyer, Onkaparinga in Brief (which is currently distributed with quarterly rates notices).

Taking the form of a 12-page mini magazine, the re-designed Onkaparinga Now will ensure a huge increase in the number of residents receiving a copy of the magazine, while also delivering a production cost saving.

The decision follows a survey of residents via council’s Your Say page about the publication’s future, with more than 76 per cent of survey respondents saying they read the print version of Onkaparinga Now.

Onkaparinga Mayor Erin Thompson said council was thrilled to hear residents enjoy reading Onkaparinga Now and look forward to its mix of local stories and engaging content.

“Many people also told us they wanted more print copies available from more locations,” she said of the survey results.

“We’ve used the savings from ceasing Onkaparinga in Brief to redesign Onkaparinga Now for quarterly rates notices.

“A digital copy of the magazine will also be sent to ratepayers that receive their notices via email.

The first edition of the new magazine will be published in October 2021, and council’s new approach will save almost $6000 a year in overall production costs.

“Taking this approach means every ratepayer will regularly receive more detailed stories and information about council, local businesses, the environment and the amazing local people that make Onkaparinga a great place to live,” Mayor Thompson said.

“We’ll continue to provide 600 copies of the magazine at all council offices and facilities, and we’ll now print a further 600 copies and make these available at selected non-council facilities and businesses across the Onkaparinga region. As soon as these non-council locations are finalised we will let our residents know.”

Don’t forget that Onkaparinga Now also will continue to be available online, with the latest stories added weekly.

The best way to stay in touch is to subscribe to the online version of Onkaparinga Now to receive monthly updates about your community via email and read the quarterly print edition when it arrives with your rates notices.

If you’re not a ratepayer, simply pick up a print copy, or subscribe and visit www.onkaparinganow.com

Change is coming

Pictured: the Onkaparinga Now homepage on a phone and tablet following the magazine's launch in October 2018.

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