Adelaide Hills Council explores boundary changes Adelaide Hills Council explores boundary changes
9 November 2020

Adelaide Hills Council explores boundary changes

A range of boundary change options – ranging from “tidying up” minor irregularities, to creating a new council with Mount Barker – have been explored in an Adelaide Hills Council report.

Adelaide Hills Council’s Strategic Boundary Review investigates potential boundary changes with each of the nine councils it borders, including the City of Onkaparinga.

The Onkaparinga suburbs identified for possible changes are Cherry Gardens, Coromandel East, Dorset Vale and Ironbank, all located in the Thalassa ward.

Onkaparinga Mayor Erin Thompson said she acknowledges and supports the right of every council to review their boundaries in the interests of their communities.

“We received a copy of Adelaide Hills Council’s Strategic Boundary Review late last month, and we’re now taking a closer look to analyse any options that might affect our communities,” she said.

“Cherry Gardens, Coromandel East, Dorset Vale and Ironbank are the main Onkaparinga localities identified in the report where boundary changes could be considered, but we understand Adelaide Hills councillors won’t consider any options until early 2021.

“If Adelaide Hills Council was to pursue any options that impacted the City of Onkaparinga, it’d be in close collaboration with our council and in consultation with our community.

“As always, the City of Onkaparinga Council will always act in the best interests of our residents.”

The potential boundary changes explored in Adelaide Hills Council’s report range from “tidying up” minor boundary irregularities; to extending its boundary to include suburbs that complement the landscape, land use and/or the character of the Adelaide Hills; to the creation of a new council.

Councils can propose a change to their boundaries via the South Australian Local Government Boundaries Commission, which assesses proposals in accordance with the requirements of the Local Government Act 1999 and proposal guidelines.

If the commission decides to inquire into a proposal, it will prepare and publish a report that includes the commission’s recommendations, providing a copy of the report to the Minister for Local Government for their determination.

On the border

A winding road in Dorset Vale in the City of Onkaparinga.

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