Baby and Me helps parents-to-be Baby and Me helps parents-to-be
23 July 2019

Baby and Me helps parents-to-be

There’s now more support available for those making the life-changing adjustment to pregnancy and parenthood thanks to an Onkaparinga start-up business and the grant it has just received.

Children and babies are an integral part of both the home life and work life of Josie Hassan, and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

The Clarendon-based midwife, registered nurse, lactation consultant and childbirth educator is also a mother of four. And, when Josie talks about children — either her own or those of the parents she supports through her business Baby and Me Education — her eyes light up with the excitement of someone who has truly found their calling.

Josie offers a range of classes to support pregnant women and their partners throughout the whole journey of becoming a parent.

Held at Woodcroft Community Centre, the evening classes include antenatal; labour and delivery; postnatal; and breastfeeding. Josie is also happy to tailor classes to the needs of small groups by commission, and is currently studying a microbial course to add gut health to the range of topics she can advise on.

The sessions are fun and interactive with a maximum of eight participants.

Josie acknowledges pregnancy can be an overwhelming time for parents, especially ‘first timers’, particularly because information is not always available and conflicting opinions may  be offered.

Through her classes, she helps reduce anxiety with information.

“I want to give parents the grounding and the foundations to decide what they want and to make informed choices.”

Her business has been boosted with a $3,000 start-up grant through the City of Onkaparinga’s ON Business Partner Program small business grants initiative.

Awarded through the first of three funding rounds this year, the grant has allowed Josie to purchase learning aids for her classes as well as fund promotional materials and activities.

Josie’s grant was one of 12 awarded for round one, with grants totalling $35,738.

The grants are open to Onkaparinga-based businesses registered as ON Business partners. There are start-up, marketing and communications, and business growth grants available.

For information on the ON Business Partner Program and the small business grants initiative, visit

For details of upcoming Baby and Me Education classes, visit

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