Kindy kids take over the Arts Centre
9 September 2019

Kindy kids take over the Arts Centre

For many children, having their artwork proudly displayed on the home fridge generates a huge sense of delight and satisfaction. For some 56 children, this feeling has jumped to a whole new level with their artwork taking centre stage at the Arts Centre in Port Noarlunga this month.

Children from Frieda Corpe Kindergarten, also located in Port Noarlunga, have been busy creating self-portraits using black cray-pas and water colours.

The four and five-year-olds have honed their artistic skills with the help of educators from Frieda Corpe Kindergarten and the Ruth Tuck Art School, who have led the children through the process and considerations for creating a self-portrait. This has included taking notice of shape, form and colour.

Frieda Corpe Kindergarten Director Kerry Warner says these experiences are a way of fostering curiosity by helping children explore their identity and understanding of the world, while celebrating their creativity and a sense of community.

“It’s important for children to be given opportunities to creatively express their theories — their thoughts, ideas and wonderings in many different ways,” said Kerry.

“At Frieda Corpe Kindergarten children engage in a range of open-ended experiences to help the children express and represent their theories.”

When visiting the children at Frieda Corpe Kindergarten they were eager to show-off their just-dry paintings, with each as unique as every child.

Annie, aged 4, was full of excitement and had a smile from ear-to-ear as she pointed out her masterpiece and those of her friends.

“When it is hanging up in the gallery people will say it looks amazing and they will love it,” she said.

Macy, also aged 4, explained some of the detail she added to her self-portrait.

“I did a love heart face paint near my eye because it was starting to look pretty and then I wanted it to look prettier.”

Louis, aged 4, loves zippers, so-much-so he added one to his painting.

“It was kind of a pattern first and then I painted it into a zip,” Louis said. And on reflection of his design, commented “I think it is about a 10 out of one.”

The Self Portraits exhibition by children at Frieda Corpe Kindergarten has been held at the Arts Centre for more than 10 years.

“We see this exhibition as an opportunity for the children to represent themselves and celebrate their individuality and creativity through their own thoughts and ideas,” Kerry said.

“The children are encouraged to engage in creative thinking and problem solving through expressive arts.

“We provide open-ended experiences and natural resources for children to explore which furthers their creativity and problem-solving skills.

“This particular exercise is about celebrating children’s individuality and highlighting to the wider community that children are competent and capable.

“We encourage children to use all of their senses to explore and wonder, and create a greater understanding of themselves and their world.

“Mirrors are placed around the kindy to stimulate the children’s sense of awe and wonder, and exploration of self-identity.

“As they work through the learning process and start creating their self-portraits, we want them to realise they are unique, they are special, and they can do anything they set their mind to.”

The Self Portraits exhibition by Frieda Corpe Kindergarten is on display at the Arts Centre, Port Noarlunga from 6 to 30 September. Centre opening times are available here.

Creative kids

Some of the children from Freida Corpe Kindergarten proudly show-off their self portraits.

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