Thinking big, thinking global Thinking big, thinking global
3 October 2019

Thinking big, thinking global

REDARC Electronics, founded in 1979, is one of the south’s global success stories.

It has gone from operating out of a tin shed in Lonsdale, to becoming a world-class advanced electronics manufacturer, serving both domestic and international markets and employing over 200 people.

It was fitting, then, that the company’s newly expanded Lonsdale facility played host to a workshop for City of Onkaparinga’s elected members and staff last week, helping shape council’s five-year Economic Growth and Investment Strategy for the city.

REDARC CEO Anthony Kittel kicked off proceedings with a tour of the state-of-the-art facility, which expanded dramatically in November 2018 and is expected to create 100 jobs by 2024.

Elected members and staff also heard from Gemtree Wines’ Mike and Melissa Brown – who are actively engaged in trade, investment attraction and tourism – about council’s role in supporting their journey.

Discussions and outcomes from the meeting will inform the Economic Growth and Investment Strategy, which will define council’s role in economic development and outline the services and programs offered to grow the economy, attract investment and create jobs.

A draft strategy will be presented to council followed by more consultation with industry, business and the broader community, and a final decision by council expected in early 2020.

City of Onkaparinga CEO Mark Dowd says the workshop was a success.

“REDARC is a hugely successful local company, led by their inspirational CEO, Anthony Kittel,” Mark says.

“He’s also an ambassador for City of Onkaparinga’s ON Business Partner Program, which supports local businesses of all sizes to thrive and grow, fostering partnership and collaboration.

“Anthony and our other fantastic ON ambassadors are helping us to think big, think global and think collaboratively about how we can position our city in the context of an increasingly competitive, global and disruptive economy full of emerging opportunities.

“Like all of our ON ambassadors, Anthony has committed significant investment in the region, has a passion to support local business, and supports the economic prosperity of the city by encouraging job growth and creating opportunities for the development of workforce skills for the next generation.”

Anthony Kittel says he was proud to host the workshop and revels in his role as an ON ambassador.

“I’m passionate about the Onkaparinga region and the ON Business Partner Program is a fantastic initiative,” he says.

“I’ll be putting a lot of energy into advocating for the program and the region, helping to attract investment and create a global profile for the City of Onkaparinga as a great place to do business.”

To find out more about how the ON Business Partner Program can benefit your business and to register for free, visit the website.

To economic prosperity

City of Onkaparinga staff and elected members, and REDARC Electronics' CEO Anthony Kittel at REDARC's newly expanded manufacturing facility in Lonsdale.

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