Published on 22 April 2024

Global tree planting campaign kicks off in Onkaparinga

CALLING ALL ONKAPARINGA RESIDENTS: Grab your free tree this Sunday 2 June (2pm to 4:30pm) at the Seaford Community Centre!

Making a difference is as easy as one, two, tree!

That’s the message behind a new campaign encouraging people of all ages to plant trees and shrubs on their properties, with 1400 free plants available to Onkaparinga residents and schools.

Launching today on Earth Day (22 April), One Tree Per Child Onkaparinga aims to increase the region's tree canopy while also creating habitat for the vulnerable yellow-tailed black cockatoo.

The new campaign is a collaboration between the City of Onkaparinga and One Tree Per Child – a not-for-profit established by Olivia Newton-John and Jon Dee that has seen hundreds-of-thousands of trees planted in 10 countries – plus Green Adelaide, Arborgreen, Trees For Life and Yates Australia.

It’s the first time One Tree Per Child, which encourages every child to plant at least one tree before leaving school, has partnered with an SA council.

"For your kids or grandkids, this simple act of tree planting could be their very first act of volunteering or giving back to the community," says Jon Dee, who also co-founded National Tree Day, Planet Ark and National Recycling Week.

"When kids plant a tree, they’re putting down roots in their local community. As their tree grows, we find that their commitment to nature, wildlife and the community grows as well.”

Onkaparinga Mayor Moira Were emphasises that you don’t need to have kids to take part in the campaign, and that simply by planting a tree – or gifting them to loved ones – you’ll be leaving a legacy for the children of tomorrow.

“Metropolitan Adelaide’s tree canopy is under threat, particularly on private land, and that’s why we’re offering the community the resources, inspiration – and trees – to help cool their properties and provide habitat for wildlife,” she says.

One-thousand trees will be available for the community to plant at home. A tree giveaway event will be held at Seaford Community Centre from 2pm to 4:30pm on Sunday 2 June (ahead of World Environment Day) and will include a range of fun family activities, information stalls and talks.

One Tree Per Child Onkaparinga will also provide 400 trees to several local schools for students to plant on campus and at home as part of a Green Adelaide education program.

Promoted plants for the inaugural campaign include the Silver Banksia (Banksia marginata) and Drooping Sheoak (Allocasuarina verticillata) – both habitat for the yellow-tailed black cockatoo – but you don’t need to plant these trees exclusively. Planting local native trees and shrubs, however, is ideal to help provide food and shelter to local wildlife.

“I encourage everyone to access the fantastic resources available at our webpage to find out how you can plant a tree or shrub on your property, where you can source your tree, and what species are suitable this planting season, which runs from April to October,” says Mayor Were.

“Once you've planted, drop a pin on our interactive map so the community can see our collective canopy grow. Let's bring the birds back to our yards!"

One Tree Per Child Onkaparinga complements the 5000+ trees the council plants annually in council reserves, streets and parks; and its community tree initiatives, which include ongoing sustainability workshops, an Adopt a Tree program, a seed library at Woodcroft Library, tree tags and trails and a Tree of the Month campaign.

Ready to get planting? Head to for all the details.

One Tree Per Child Onkaparinga