Smiling side-by-side official Council headshots of Michael Fisher (left) and Kevin Rilett (right).

Published on 14 June 2023

Meet Your Council - Pimpala Ward

Are you an Onkaparinga resident that lives in Darlington, O’Halloran Hill, Reynella East, Happy Valley or Woodcroft?

If so, you’re represented by City of Onkaparinga Pimpala Ward councillors Michael Fisher and Kevin Rilett, who are ready to listen and advocate on your behalf on the local issues important to you.

Onkaparinga Now has launched a series of articles to help you to better get to know your new elected members, and this interview with Pimpala Ward’s Michael Fisher is the seventh and final to feature, following our recent interviews with Thalassa, Mid CoastKnoxSouth Coast and Southern Vales councillors; and Mayor Moira Were.

ONKAPARINGA NOW (O NOW): What made you want to become an elected member and what do you bring to the role?

MICHAEL: I’m soon to retire after 43 years of active and enjoyable service for South Australia Police (SAPOL). I saw the opportunity at Council as a natural extension of serving the South Australian community, something I’ve done since I was 17 years old.

For more than 30 years I’ve been an active volunteer and advocate in the southern community and saw the opportunity to continue that representation and advocacy for the community as a councillor. 

O NOW: What are your key priorities and things you want to achieve as a councillor?

MICHAEL: I want to ensure the Onkaparinga community’s priorities and concerns are represented. I’ll ensure that accurate and verified fact-based information is provided to the Council chamber to make sound and reliable decisions. I believe in community, and advocate for everyone to have an equitable voice in decision-making.

O NOW: Tell us a bit about yourself, your connection to the region, and your passions outside of work.

MICHAEL: I’m married to my wife, Michelle, with three adult children and four grandchildren, with two more currently on the way!  My family has always supported me in my endeavours. I’m a currently serving member of SAPOL, I fully understand the issues, and I’ll continue my advocacy for child and family rights as a priority. I also respect, acknowledge and promote diversity inclusion, including First Nations representation.

I have been a Director of Police Credit Union (SA/NT) Limited for 22 years. I have a significant background in proven, prudent financial governance, and I’ll use these skills to value-add to all decisions that are made affecting all ratepayers.

I’ve been a sports administrator for over 30 years, and am a life member of the Flagstaff Hill Football Club and the Southern Tigers Basketball Association. I am an avid fisher, and when I have spare time I like to drop a line in the Gulf St Vincent and Spencer Gulf. 

I’m immensely proud of the Pimpala Ward, and indeed the City of Onkaparinga, an area where I chose to live and raise my children. I love the native wildlife and the feeling of being in a peri-rural setting, while still in suburbia. I’m a supporter of climate change action, in that there are significant weather events that have been evident and affecting us for a significant time now, and we need to look at our options for the betterment of our community.

In December 2022 I was elected by the chamber as the Deputy Mayor—I am very grateful and busy as a consequence.

O NOW: What do you want to hear about from residents?

MICHAEL: I want to know what the issues are, no matter how small, and what’s important to everyone. I want to encourage participation and problem-solving at the grassroots level, and encourage everyone to contribute to positive outcomes.