Published on 25 May 2020

Have your say on the city’s future

Council last week approved the release of the draft Community Plan 2030 and the draft Onkaparinga Local Area Plan (OLAP) for community engagement via council’s Yoursay page.

The Community Plan 2030 is council’s lead strategic document and it describes the future the city aspires to.

It guides council decisions and makes sure efforts are directed to what best serves people today and into the future.

While it represents council’s shared vision for 2030, the plan is reviewed and updated within two years of each council election, with the most recent version released in 2017.

The OLAP – a partnership between the State Planning Commission and the City of Onkaparinga – will provide an outline of where, how and when we plan for different types of urban development to occur over the next 10 to 20 years, and what strategic infrastructure and services will be required to enable this development.

City of Onkaparinga’s population is expected to grow by 22,000 people by 2040, so the plan will allow council to be prepared and respond to current and future growth opportunities and challenges.

The OLAP will act as a pilot for metropolitan growth management across South Australia.

City of Onkaparinga Mayor Erin Thompson says the release of the plans offers the community a unique chance to shape the future of their city.

“As mayor, I’m lucky enough to talk to people every day, who tell me what’s great about living in Onkaparinga and what they want for the future. Many also tell me about the challenges they face and what they’d like improved.

“These draft plans are a chance to simply and clearly state what we want to achieve for our city over the next 10 years and beyond, so our vision of strong, vibrant communities will stand up under any circumstances.

“We largely shaped the draft Community Plan – following feedback from our residents – before the full impact of COVID-19 was known, but I believe it’s still the plan we need, demonstrating that no matter what our communities face in the wake of the pandemic, we’re here to support them.

“The draft OLAP allows a timely look at where and how we want our city to grow, because council’s last key growth strategy was undertaken in 2008, and SA’s planning system is undergoing its biggest modernisation in 20 years, which will bring a range of reforms.

“I encourage our residents to provide their feedback and I’m excited to work with them towards the future Onkaparinga we all want; one that emerges stronger from our challenges and ready to seize the next opportunity.”

Feedback can be provided on both plans via Yoursay now until 16 June. 

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