Get around group fitness Get around group fitness
28 April 2021

Get around group fitness

Adults of all ages are getting fit and meeting new people at Outfit Onkaparinga sessions.

The Outfit Onkaparinga Program has returned in 2021 to offer free entry-level outdoor fitness sessions to adult residents with the ongoing support of the Healthy Active Lifestyles Onkaparinga (HALO) Program.

Outfit Onkaparinga sessions operate for an hour each weekday through the school term at four locations across the city at 9.30am. Term 2 locations (starting on Tuesday 27 April) include Warsaw Crescent, Hackham West (Monday); Rotary Park, Beach Road, Christies Beach (Tuesday); The Quarry, Grand Boulevard, Seaford (Wednesday); Minkarra Park, Manning Road, Flagstaff Hill (Thursday); and Frank Hilton Reserve, Gulf Parade, Maslin Beach (Friday).

Participants work with a qualified personal trainer to increase their physical activity by enjoying outdoor group exercise and at some locations use council’s existing outdoor fitness gyms. Sessions provide modified exercises making them accessible to all fitness levels and abilities.

Council’s Recreation Services Officer Gail Burns says the Outfit Onkaparinga Program is a great way to ‘Find your 30’.

“Thirty minutes per day of moderate to intense physical activity is what’s recommended and Outfit Onkaparinga is a great way to achieve this,” Gail says.

Caregivers of children are welcome to bring them to the session but must be responsible for their supervision.

Woodcroft resident Dawn Chamberlain attends the Flagstaff Hill session. She says staying fit with a group of people gives her more structure than exercising on her own at home.

“I can do a lot of exercise by myself but it doesn’t take long to become unmotivated. I find the Outfit Onkaparinga sessions easy to follow and I enjoy the variation. Plus, I’m meeting other people while I’m there,” Dawn says.

“People may not realise how many different ways the equipment can be used,” Dawn says. “There’s a vertical curved ladder at Minkarra Park that most people would climb to the top of and back down. At our session we reach as high as we can then take our feet off the ground and hang for as long as possible. We don’t climb the ladder at all!”

Bookings are essential and can be made two weeks in advance. To keep a look out for new program dates and locations, and other HALO Programs, go to: and click on the Outfit Onkaparinga tile to secure your spot.


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