Published on 30 August 2019

Australia’s biggest weekend of garage sales is coming to Onkaparinga

Stuff — we all have it and despite a yearly spring clean, we continue to be surrounded by it.

Have you ever asked yourself if you need all that stuff, or considered what might be your trash is another person’s treasure?

According to the Gumtree Second Hand Economy Report (2018), 89 per cent of Australians have unwanted items in their homes, with approximately 25 unwanted or unused items per household.

The main unwanted items include clothing, shoes and accessories, books, music, DVDs and CDs, games and toys, and electronic goods.

And all of these items can be given a new life, rather than being thrown out. After all, re-use is the way to go.

To start your decluttering journey or identify the items you no longer use or need, try applying the KonMari method.

The term — coined by Japanese organisation guru Marie Kondo and star of Netflix series Tidying Up with Marie Kondo — encourages tidying by category. As you sort by category, only keep the items that spark joy. For those that don’t, say “thank you” and bid the item farewell.

Any home or office can be ‘KonMaried’ and now is the perfect time with the annual Garage Sale Trail just around the corner.

On Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 October buyers, bargain hunters and sellers will take part in the largest community-based garage sale.

The Garage Sale Trail is a national community and sustainability initiative that turns suburban streets into a massive marketplace.

It aims to promote re-use and recycling, raise awareness of consumption habits, stimulate local economies, and foster connections within the community.

The weekend-long event is expected to attract more than 16,000 garage sale events across Australia and over 400,000 participants.

City of Onkaparinga residents, sporting clubs, community groups, schools, streets, charities, makers and creators, and businesses are encouraged to join in the free event by either holding a garage sale or going to one.

“I love the Garage Sale Trail. It’s a fun way to encourage re-use, promote the importance of buying second-hand, and it helps minimise our impact on the environment,” Mayor Erin Thompson said.

“It’s also a perfect opportunity to meet your neighbours and connect with the wider community, all while raising funds for a good cause, or making a bit of extra pocket money.”

Sellers can register their garage sale for free and list key items for sale at Once registered, sellers will have access to a range of free promotional materials including posters, bunting and more to help make the sale a roaring success.

Sellers can raise funds for a cause or make themselves a few extra dollars, or simply use it as a way to declutter their home or office.

Buyers can then search the local garage sale trail, mark their favourite items and create a personalised trail map for the day, all using a computer or their mobile device.

Garage Sale Trail Co-Founder Andrew Valder projects that more than 2 million items will be listed for sale and re-use this year.

“The sellers who have a bit of fun with their garage sale name and go to town on marketing are the ones who bring home the bacon and sell the most,” Andrew says.

Last year, through the Garage Sale Trail, the average household garage sale made $309 and more than 500kg of stuff was sold and redistributed.

The Garage Sale Trail is a not-for-profit social enterprise that is powered by over 140 councils nationally.

Tips to take your garage sale to the next level

  • Have a name — Give your garage sale a name to get sale-goers’ attention. Be funny, smart or let it trigger a little curiosity.
  • Spread the word — Share your sale on social media using the free videos and images available at
  • Flaunt what you’ve got — Promote your items with pictures and videos.
  • Have special offers — Get creative with special offers to draw people in like 2-for-1 deals, competitions, or games or activities people have to do when they purchase something.
  • Make a day of it — Get your friends together, get dressed up, play some music and have some fun. Consider getting your friends or neighbours together for one big sale where sale-goers can peruse many sellers in one area.
People across Australia are gearing up for another bumper Garage Sale Trail with sales featuring clothing, furniture, local wares, toys and more.